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Gorgeous? Talented? and super friendly? Yes, Becka has it all. She’s the owner and creative designer behind Bou Cou, a jewelry line that merges the rare and exotic with the vintage and earthy. Each creation is handcrafted in loving memory of her late grandmother, a stunning doe-eyed vixen who passed along her passionate work ethic to Becka.

I had the honor to meet Becka at a creative collaboration I hosted at Ponce City Market in Atlanta on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A little less exotic but still pretty ambitious, I work full time in higher education and part time as a photographer, so my office was closed for the holiday. I knew I wanted to do something creative and collaborative in honor of the birth of one of America’s greatest activists, so I quickly assembled some fellow Atlanta babes and embraced the community that we can have because of people like MLK. Becka came ready to model, share her jewelry, and offer her friendship as if we had all been buddies for years. I think MLK would have been pleased.

In between shoots I had the opportunity to get to know Becka and her business a little bit better. Each handcrafted piece of jewelry is unique, combining rare stones into familiar shapes, forging unexpected materials together in a marriage of suede and brass hardware. The jewelry at Bou Cou represents the very essence of life, encouraging individuality and accepting all aesthetics and creativity, just like the spirit behind the brand.

Pictured below are models who prove that gorgeous jewelry looks better on you and off the shelf. Head over to Bou Cou to purchase your own!

Taylor O'Kelley Photography | January 2019 | Atlanta, GA

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