Adrian | Atlanta Fashion Model

50s style cardigan, simple tee, cozy jeans: there's just something about a retro look. Ponce City Market, Atlanta GA

As I grow as a photographer, I find myself leaning toward a retro editorial style in my fashion photography, embracing fun shadows and classic poses. Pair all of that with the right face and personality and it's a dream session! Many thanks to Adrian for coming out to my creative collaboration recently! One of my favorite things about photography is the way it brings people together. I always like to take a moment and get to know my clients and subjects a little better so that it’s more like two friends goofing around than a “say cheese” scenario (which never works out well). I’m happy to have a new face on the website, especially one whose drive comes from such a meaningful place.

Adrian started modeling in 2017 and has continued to pursue his passion ever since, trying out new roles and enjoying the learning experience. Coming from humble beginnings, he chases his dream with a steadfastness that he attributes to his faith, role models, and family. A fitness and sports lover, Adrian brings to the scene an energy and focus that I appreciate. In his own words, modeling chose him and he hopes to share his success with those around him. If you’re seeking a male model in the Atlanta area, make sure you give him a follow on Instagram @wonder_boy_42

From warm colors to cool lighting, Ponce City Market didn't disappoint as the perfect location for this shoot.

Of course I love my classic black and whites.

Taylor O'Kelley Photography | January 2019 |Atlanta, GA

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